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A'Design Award Winner 2018
→​​​​​​​ Stone Break is a 3D puzzle with stone-shaped pieces – which explains the name – that can be used for a variety of games. It combines educational activity of logical and mathematical reasoning with the child's motor development.
In addition to the function of the puzzle, the pieces can become a hut, a wall, a race track, a totem, a bench and even a drum. Designed to be an essential tool for discovery, adventure and exploration, the toy awakens the desire to create, transform and reorganize. The creation was specially designed for children aged between 3 and 6 years old – a crucial interval in human life. Play is the main form of expression for children to fully develop motor coordination, their personality, the way they see themselves, and based on that they build their logical reasoning.

Generative design was the main product creation tool. This morphogenic process uses algorithms structured as non-linear systems for unique, infinite and non-repeating results, carried out by an “idea-code”. The production of the toy can be done either with 3D printing or by means of laser cutting.

The project was winner of the A'Design Award 2018, in the category of Toys, Hobbies and Product Designs.

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